Night Vision Camera App

Night Vision: Android Thermal Camera

Have you ever wished that you had night vision? Would like to feel bad ass like James Bond by being able to record images in the dark? I know that I would give a yes to both of those questions and that's why I have voted this to be one of the most bad ass and useful gadget so far! With this camera you can turn your Android smartphone, into a thermal camera. This thermal camera will give you both long range night vision and high-resolution thermography.
This camera has many practical uses. While ideal for spies and private detectives, this camera would also be great for firemen, security guards, nature lovers, and construction workers.  The coolest part is that the device is small and inconspicuous.  All you need is to attach it to any android phone and your ready to operate like James Bond.

Where From? Amazon    How much?  $1,195

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