S.T. Dupont Spectre 007 Lighter

This is the lighter of all lighters for James Bond fans!  Sleek, sexy, distinguished, and bad ass all rolled into one. Not only does it look stunning with its bullet hole design, it also has a secret compartment, so it is not only an exceptional fashion statement, is practical, making it worthy of being a genuine James Bond Gadget. With the James Bond Spectre S.T. Dupont has given us a special edition of distinguished and innovative accessories which combine elegance with cutting-edge technology. This Spectre Premium lighter is made with monolithic metal.  It is designed with a delicate guilloché surface and the finish combines matt and polished texture - this gives the distinguished effect of wavering between light and shadow.  This is perfect for those wanting to make an impression that suggests luxury, seduction and elegant gadgets! S.T. Dupont James Bond Spectre 007 Premium Collection is finished in black matte PVD or palladium.  The Premium collection is a series of 1963 lighters,  a sublte reference to Spectre's first appearane in 'From Russia With Love'. The lighter has an actual hole in it, and the secret compartment is at it's base  The lighter has the 007 and spectre logo on the sides..this along with the reference to 1963 and the classic bullet hole links the classic James Bond of Sean Connery with the new.James Bond of Daniel Craig.  This lighter uses Butane (yellow can) and it covered by a two year S. T. Dupont Warranty.  The a palladium version also looks quite stunning, though personally I prefer the light and shadow effect of the black.  

This is definitely a great way to attract attention at a club or party, and will definitely get conversations going.  The best part of all this in my opinion is the combination of a bad ass spy gadget, as per the hidden compartment with the unique eye catching style and the sleek feel of the lighter itself.  so....

Where is it?  Amazon          
How Much? $1,395

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