Covert Ops Sunglasses -- Hidden Camera

Camakt Tech HD spy glasses offer a few fashion alternatives when it comes to taking secret videos. Not only will you be able to look good, but you will be able to take high definition videos with great accuracy and control right under everyone's noses.  This James Bond gadget will definitely give you an edge when making any kind of video surveillance since it is virtually undetectable which you also have full control and freedom with the camera.  Basically anything that you are able to look at in great detail with your eyes can be recorded.

This Camakt James Bond spy gadget is a 1080P full HD recorder engineered meticulously for clear video recording with vibrant colors and good resolution.  It is very user friendly, it has a steady frame and with just a single click allows you to start and stop recording. The camera it self is hidden so well it is virtually undetectable with the lenses hidden below the surface of the frame.  The camera also uses a polymer lithium batter (220mAH) for long life.

What's more is that these spy classes are multi functional.  Yes that is correct, you can use it as a camcorder, web cam, a removable disk, dvr recorder or simply to look cool.  

These glasses have a sleek design and a durable construction. They can take a few tumbles while at the same time allowing you to look your best.  I'm sure 007 wouldn't have it any other way and that is why this pair of glasses deserves to be in our list of quality James Bond Spy gadgets.  


Where is it?  Amazon.

How much?  $49.99

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