Five James Bond Gadgets--- From The Movies to Real Life

Whether your talking about underwater cars or laser watches, high tech gadgets are a big part of the James Bond franchise as the play boy lifestyle and eccentric villains. On this blog we have already looked at some available gadgets on the web such as spy sunglasses, lighters with hidden compartments, bugged pens, and improvised weapons such as the tactical combat pen.  And as we continue to trawl the web we will continue to find many other awesome spy gadgets that are worthy of James Bond and worth having. 

But lets face it, while some of the James Bond gadgets we've put on this site are definitely bad ass, they don't quite compare to the exploding watches, rigged sports cars and other gadgets that we sometimes see in James Bond films.  However, you may be surprised to find out that some of these gadgets do exist and are operational.  In fact there are some unexpected James Bond gadgets that are not only real, but are actually available on the market if you know where to look.  Of course the gadgets that we will be referring to here will require you to be as rich as a James Bond villain and/or equally willing to break the law.  Check em out on this video here to see our top five James Bond gadgets: