Spy Bolt Covert Safe

What is it?

Looks like a bold right?  Well, not all is as it seems.  This bold may contain several hundred dollars, gold, or those special medicines that you don't want certain people to find.  Whatever your need is, you will find this bold comes in extremely handy as its contents are virtually undetectable.  

Details Please....

Size: 2.8 Cubic Inches
Made from a real ¾" machine bolt
O-ring seal for weather-proof storage of small valuables
Reverse threading on the bolt head for additional security
Material: Stainless Steel
Made in the USA

Tell Me More!

It doesn't matter what you need to hide, this bolt does the trick. I have also installed a ny-lock nut on the threaded end to facilitate easy removal and replacement of the hex end. I keep it in my toolbox with other nuts & bolts and it is completely camouflaged in the box. I installed the nut to add to the weight so it doesn't seem too light upon cursory investigation. Ny-lock is great, as it doesn't come off when using the left-hand threaded cap

So how much ? $24.04    Where is it?  Amazon.

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